Deadhead flowering plants

Tie taller plants to supports

Pull up annuals and bedding plants as they finish flowering and lightly till soil

Lift gladioli and dahlias and store in cool frost free place<

Cut and dry flowers for winter arrangements

Plant bulk of spring flowering bulbs


Pick apples and pears as they ripen and store

Harvest plums when ripe and prune trees

Finish picking autumn raspberries and blackberries and trim canes back to ground level

Pick autumn strawberries and take measures to limit bird damage with nets or reflective scarers, unwanted compact discs work well


Lift and store main crop potatoes and carrots

Cut and use marrows

Clear old pea and bean plants

Lift chicory roots for winter forcing

Plant out winter and spring cabbages, kale and savoys

Pick remaining tomato fruits and ripen indoors pull up plants

Dig all spare ground, digging in well rotted compost and sow with green manure if not planning to replant soon

Trees, hedges, shrubs and climbers

Trim hedges as needed

Deadhead roses except ones grown for ornamental hips and finish pruning

Tie new climber growth in

In the greenhouse

Pick all tomato and other fruits by end of month to ripen indoors pull up and compost the plants

Remove shading and reduce watering to hasten rippening

Prick out cyclamen seedlings

Bring in non frost hardy plants

Sow winter salads

In general

Reduce frequency of lawn mowing

Spike or fork compact lawn areas

Prepare areas for new lawns and begin sowing

Keep weeding