Remove spring bedding plants when they have finished flowering

Dead head any remaining spring bulbs

Lightly dig areas for summer bedding plants and add organic compost

Plant out summer bedding plants

Water containers and hanging baskets regularly

Plant out rooted cuttings of chrysanthemums, dahlias, geraniums and fuschias

Sow half-hardy annuals in situ

Thin hardy annuals seedlings

Sow perennial and biennials seeds

Plant gladioli

Support taller flowering plants with stakes or similar

Hoe shallowly to remove weeds and apply a mulch when ground is wet


Summer pruning for fruit trees

Thin peach and nectarine fruits

Remove strawberry runners unless potting up for new plants


Thin seedlings

Plant our sweetcorn and celery or sow outdoors<

Sow sprouting broccoli, outdoor cucumbers, kale, marrow and Swedes

Continue sowing salad vegetables

Water during dry weather

Hoe and mulch between rows

Tie in peas and beans

Watch out for pest attacks

Trees, hedges, shrubs and climbers

Trim hedges as needed

Tie in new climber growth

Dead head rhododendrons

Remove unwanted shoots from evergreens

In the greenhouse

Move out houseplants in preparation for summer in the garden

Plant melons and cucumbers

Pick out tomato side shoots once first flowers appear and add supports

Water and feed al plants and be prepared to shade and or ventilate as necessary

In general

Mow lawns regularly

Water new turf or newly sown lawns when dry

Protect delicate plants from any late frosts

Place water plants in ponds