Thin annual seedlings

Water and mulch as required

Add supports for tall flowering plants

Sow perennials and biennials

Nip out main growth on new plants from cutting to encourage bushing out

Lift and spread out naturalised bulbs once leaves have yellowed

Weed around plants


Place straw or plastic around strawberries and cover in netting to protect from birds and slugs, Continue to remove runners

Thin fruit on plums, apples and pears as needed

Support cane fruits and thin if too many

Lightly prune for gooseberries, red and white currants

Water weed and mulch


Earth-up main crop potatoes and lift early potatoes

Plant out leeks

Thin out rows of sown vegetables

Sow salads and chicory

Plant out outdoor tomatoes and support them

Pinch tops from broad beans

Water regularly

Sow perennial herbs and plant out early sowings

Trees, hedges, shrubs and climbers

Trim hedges as needed

Prune early flowering clematis

Cut back dead and old flowering shoots on shrubs that have already flowered

Disbud hybrid tea roses

In the greenhouse

Feed and water tomato plants and begin picking, continue removing side shoots

Thin grape bunches by a third

Stop cucumber plants by nipping out main shoot and remove male flowers

Fertilise melon flowers by pushing male flowers into females ones

Water as required and damp floor to raise humidity

In general

Mow lawns, use a rake to lift weeds so that they are caught by the blades