Support border plants

Deadhead flowering plants to encourage more growth

Layer carnations to propagate more plants

Water pots and containers

Start planting autumn flowering bulbs

Lift spring tulips for over winter storage if not naturalising

Divide and replant early flowering irises

Remove weeds from borders


Protect bush and cane fruit from birds with nets or reflective scarers, unwanted compact discs work well

Pick fruit as they ripen

Prune once fruiting finishes

Layer blackberies and loganberries, take tip cuttings of blackcurrants to create more plants

Summer prune fruiting trees and thin fruit as required

When strawberries finish clear out and burn straw cut off leaves with shears


Harvest when mature

Pull-up and reuse ground from finished early crops of peas, cabbage etc.

Sow spring cabbage, turnips, carrots, lettuce, winter radish, pickling onions parsley, peas winter spinach and beetroot

Water and feed tomatoes, marrows and cucumbers. Remove male cucumber flowers and stop growth when plants reach required size

Thin seedlings

Keep weeds down

Lift shallots and leave to dry in the sun

Trees, hedges, shrubs and climbers

Trim hedges as needed

Prune shrubs once flowering finished to remove unwanted growth

Deadhead roses except ones grown for ornamental hips

Tie new climber growth in

In the greenhouse

Feed and water tomato plants and begin picking, continue removing side shoots

Pick fruit as ripens

Shade plants from hot sun and mist regularly

Propogate pot plants such as begonias, hydrangeas, busy lizzies

Sow primulas, gloxinias

Repot cyclamen

Ventilate as needed

In general

Mow lawns, use a rake to lift weeds so that they are caught by the blades