Cut down herbaceous plants, composting dead foliage

Lift and divide snowdrops

Mulch borders with compost

Prepare bare ground for planting


Finish planting and pruning

Pollinate pea, apricot and nectarine early flowers with cotton wool on a stick and protect from frost

Put cloches on strawberries for forcing

Remove flowers from new strawberries

Mulch all fruit with compost


Protect forcing rhubarb

prepare ground for sowing

Continue to sow broad bean and peas

Plant shallots, onion sets, early potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes

Chit main crop potatoes

Trees, shrubs and climbers

Continue to plant new trees and shrubs

Cut out dead and diseased wood

Prune large flowered clematis, wisteria, honeysuckle and ornamental vines

Prepare sites for hedge planting

Under glass

Sow half-hardy annuals and greenhouse display plants

Take cuttings from fuschias, dahlias and chrysanthemums

Sow sprouts, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, leek and other vegetables for later planting out

In general

Spike waterlogged areas of lawn

Firm soil around recently planted trees and shrubs

Prepare areas for new lawn

Keep a hole in pond ice