Support border plants

Deadhead flowering plants to encourage more growth

Pick sweet peas regularly

Cut down herbaceous plants that have finished flowering

Sow hardy annuals in situ

Remove weeds from borders

End of month can start planting spring bulbs and pots of bulbs for forcing indoors


Pick early apples and pears

Plant out strawberry plants

Pick bush and cane fruit as they ripen

Prune once fruiting finishes

Support heavily laden fruit tree branches


Harvest when mature

Lift onions, ripen in the sun and store

Lift and store beetroot

Plant out sprouts, winter cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli

Sow spring cabbage, winter spinach and onions and final sowings of salads

Pinch out tomato plants to encourage ripening

Cut and dry herbs

Keep weeds down

Trees, hedges, shrubs and climbers

Trim hedges as needed

Trim lavender bushes lightly

Prune roses when finished flowering and remove suckers just below ground<

Take half-ripe cuttings of heather, buddleia, berberis, cotoneaster, lavender and santolina

In the greenhouse

Feed and water tomato plants and begin picking, continue removing side shoots</li>

Pick fruit as ripens

Shade plants from hot sun and mist regularly

Grapes should be ready for picking

Sow cyclamen seed

Take cuttings of fuschias, pelargoniums and helliotrope

Plant winter and spring flowering plants such as freesias and arum lillies

Pot on young plants grown from seed

Water all plants regularly

In general

Mow lawns, use a rake to lift weeds so that they are caught by the blades