Sow hardy annuals in situ

Dead head flowering bulbs

Plant out forced bulbs once flowering complete

Plant out dahlia tubers

Continue planting gladioli, lilies and anemones

Plant out chrysanthemum cuttings, lift and divide plants


Lightly prune plums and figs, disbud sideshoots of fan trained peaches and nectarines and thin fruit

Remove flowers from new fruit trees to build plant strength


Continue successional sowings of lettuces, radishes, chicory, endive and parsley

Start sowing root crops carrots, beetroot, parsnip, swede and turnip

Thin seedlings

Earth up early potatoes and plant main crop

Stake peas and beans

Sow herb seeds

Trees, shrubs and climbers

Plant pot grown clematis and trim back

Tie in new growth on trellis and walls

Under glass

Thin seedlings and begin hardening off

Harden rooted herbaceous cuttings

Pot-on greenhouse plants

Plant tomatoes, peppers, chillies, aubergines into growing medium

Sow outdoor tomatoes

Thin grape fruits

Ventilate and water plants

In general

Mow lawns

Sow or turf new lawns

Create water gardens